QID is an opportunistic investor focused on high-quality businesses with aligned management team and partners


Our decisions take into account honest and reasoned analysis, the results of which are measured by the achievement of customer experiences and investor returns. We judge our success not solely by investment returns, but also by the positive impact we make on people and the communities in which we operate. We aim to leave companies and assets better than the way we found them.

Flexible structure

Our flexibility in structure has been demonstrated through self-managed partnerships, controlled-equity investments as well as passive co-investments.

QID seeks to make adaptative infrastructure investments in energy and power and growth infrastructure areas such as data centers, fiber and cell tower networks and related modernizations of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

On occasion, we will act upon opportunities involving the management of resources, such as water, construction materials, industrial minerals, metals and real property. These resource areas also include the management of their end purposes, be that for disposal or recycling.

Opportunistic focus

We are mostly focused on the lower and middle markets. However, we stay in dialogue with large institutional investors, and from time-to-time will make approaches on large internally-generated or advisor-managed opportunities.

Our ability to build and value assets, as well as to retain management team individuals with specific expertise, enables us to remain opportunistic across industry segments and through transaction structure.

Process and timing

  • Open to owner/operators who have an idea or business needing capital
  • Participate selectively in advisory-managed situations
  • Prefer to lead, but open to structured joint venture or co-invest participation, in which case our level of upfront assistance and ongoing governance varies
  • Ranges between one month and six months, depending on the nature and maturity level of the asset(s) and opportunity, as well as any regulatory requirements
  • Is organized with the intent to be as unintrusive as possible
  • May utilize outside experts to assist specific areas
  • Intensely focused on the alignment and incentives of the management team and employees who work tirelessly to achieve shared vision and goals
  • In some cases, serve as day-to-day management on behalf of a company we created or led as an investor
  • In most cases, designate directors or managers to a company’s board
  • Oversight of portfolio company management teams is through weekly calls/specific-purpose meetings, quarterly board meetings and annual investor meetings
  • Focus on what matters most – serving customers well and building enterprise value – for the long-term sustainability of a company and its assets
  • Seek to understand and supplement management’s activities in a way that does not interfere with the responsibility and accountability of management, yet provides contacts, resources, information and insights that might accelerate success
  • Each investment is required to have a specific investment thesis tied to a reasonable hold period by which payout or a return is expected to be realized
  • As economic, industry and market cycles change, management and owners will assess and re-assess monetization and/or financing strategies
  • Depending on the investment characteristics and participation levels, an investment group will be designed to match the business purpose and/or owners’ desired hold period; this translates periodically and potentially into investments in businesses with quality assets led by talented leaders that generate distributions to owners and do not necessarily require an exit; consequently long-term or generational value can be achieved