Quintana Infrastructure & Development LLC (QID) is an investment holding and operating company owned by William K. Robertson and organized in 2011. This was when David Zimmerman and Carter Groves joined to pursue an active investment strategy.

QID is a holding company making investments and managing the operations of assets for itself or on behalf of like-minded partners. QID seeks to make adaptive infrastructure investments across energy and power; data and technology infrastructure; industrial end markets; and resource management.


QID’s purpose is to safely, responsibly and creatively invest capital and manage assets that deliver superior returns for their stakeholders. We focus on management and field-level personnel who make honest, deliberate, nimble and value-guided decisions. Capital, assets and/or equipment are instruments through which our people serve our customers.

QID aims to steward assets for the long-term so that customers will be happy today and comfortable in sustaining their commitments tomorrow. QID remains opportunistic in its investment selection, and importantly in its timing. QID has no forcing function with respect to investment hold periods, preferring to prepare for a long-term hold, but ready and willing to monetize as market conditions precipitate favorable opportunities. QID maintains an eye for generational assets, or those that offer long-term, stable and inflation-protected returns.

Our Principals

Energy and Power

Midstream oil and natural gas, downstream oil refining; and gas-to-liquids processing

Renewable and niche electrical generation

Electrical transmission, distribution and storage

Inside-the-fence and related consumer-side retail, microgrid and CHP services

Data and Technology Infrastructure

Data centers and storage

Broadband fiber and related infrastructure and services

5G network related infrastructure and services

Sensor, monitoring, measurement and surveillance within modern manufacturing and civil assets

Industrial End Markets

Niche minerals and chemicals catering to specialty uses and markets

Production of and services related to atmospheric, process and specialty gases

Intermediate feedstocks into the ethylene and propylene value chains

Fertilizers and agriculture

Resource Management

Water, hydrocarbon and construction materials

Sea ports and inland terminals; resource transport and processing

Waste and sewage

Niche recycling, including plastics and electronics and pyrolysis processing


Quintana Minerals Corporation (QMC) is the administrative company of the Corbin J. Robertson, Jr. family, which provides various services to QID. QMC allocates dedicated employees to various operating and investment entities. QMC’s origins date back to Quintana Petroleum Corporation and its discovery of the Tom O’Connor Field in the 1930s by Hugh Roy Cullen.

QID is not a fund, nor an affiliate of Quintana Minerals Corporation, Quintana Carbon & Minerals Trading Limited, Quintana Capital Group, Ltd., Quintana Shipping Ltd, nor Quintana Energy Services Inc. These are distinct entities for distinct purposes, although they share a name and the participation of the Robertson family.